Automation & Controls Engineer

Southern States

Essential Functions:

  1. Be able to design and test automated systems
  2. Manage automation integration projects
  3. Assist in the design of end-of-arm tooling for robots
  4. Develop and implement automated die cast cells
  5. Develop and implement automated CNC cells
  6. Be responsible for design specifications and other detailed documentation for automated systems
  7. Develop and implement automated deburring/finishing cells
  8. Support automation programming standardization
  9. Train division personnel in robot use and programming
  10. Participate in standardization efforts in PLC programming, electrical standards, robot programming, etc.  Experience with Allen-Bradley PLC’s preferred.
  11. Able to perform preventive maintenance and minor repairs on robots
  12. Troubleshoot automation equipment problems
  13. Optimize cycle times
  14. Keep up with the latest developments in technology
  15. Perform other duties as assigned



  1. Minimum of 2-year college degree related to automation and controls; 4-year degree preferred
  2. Minimum of 10 years experience in various types of automation
  3. Willing to travel
  4. Hands on


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