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Working with MPI is simple. After thoroughly discussing your requirements, including all human and technical factors, the scope and specifics of the project are agreed upon. We then set to work, carefully preparing and subsequently presenting you with a selection of qualified candidates who have the "right fit" for your organization. Throughout the process, we employ a fact-based approach to provide the objectivity necessary in today's equal-opportunity hiring environment. Quality-control is achieved through our detailed reference check system, and reinforced by scheduled follow-ups with both employer and candidate.

When recruiting and qualifying job candidates, MPI has at its disposal and expertly utilizes:

  • a current, proprietary database of qualified candidates
  • a strong, well-positioned Internet presence including:
      - active job postings on our web-site
  •  targeted print advertisements
  • in-person and telephone interviewing
  • an extensive network of connections within the industry and business community

frequently-asked questions

Why should I consider using a professional placement service, as opposed to conducting my own search for personnel?

By using the services of a leading placement and recruiting firm like MPI, you can:

  • save time (no résumés to sort through, no phone calls)
  • greatly increase the probability of hiring elusive "top" people -- those outstanding employees essential for your success
  • save money (no ads to run, no responses to send out)
  • eliminate the aggravation of conducting your own, possibly fruitless, search
  • concentrate on making only the critical final selection from a few qualified candidates -- instead of wasting your time first developing the "short-list"
  • conduct discrete searches for new personnel in sensitive hiring situations
  • make unbiased decisions based on facts and thorough research

While it is certainly possible for an employer to directly locate good personnel -- it is definitely not easy. Many of the best candidates are not actively seeking employment, do not answer advertisements, rely primarily on placement firms, or, are simply difficult to reach via conventional advertisements. Many candidates will not answer blind ads in order to avoid inadvertently pursuing a job with their own employers. A good placement firm can quickly locate qualified candidates, ultimately saving you time and money.

How much will it cost for me to use MPI's services?

As verified by our many repeat clients and steady referral business, MPI provides a highly cost-effective and valuable service. We work according to industry-standard terms and fee structures, or, can custom tailor an arrangement that best suits your needs and budget. MPI prides itself on being competitive, flexible and ready to negotiate. We are serious about getting -- and keeping -- your valued business. Contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Why should I choose MPI specifically?

As a top placement firm, MPI is constantly approached by excellent candidates wanting to advance their careers. We maintain an extensive proprietary database of qualified personnel, and, can tap into our broad network of industry connections as needed.

What if a candidate you provide doesn't work out as anticipated, or, unexpectedly gives notice shortly after being hired?

We have designed the MPI Terms & Guarantee to ensure you are completely satisfied, and, should unforeseen circumstances arise, you will be properly supported. Our goal is to consistently provide the personnel you require to succeed, thereby establishing a long-term working relationship. At MPI, we stand behind our people!! transp5.gif (814 bytes)


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